Medicare Annual Wellness Visit

Medicare Annual Wellness Visits empower you to develop personal health plans for your patients. Designed to further engage patients in their overall care plan, the annual visit is provided at no cost to the patient and reviews current state of health and risk factors. The annual visit is transforming the quality of care patients receive leading to more engaged and more satisfied patients.


Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Education Module

View this educational module to learn more about Medicare Annual Wellness Visits.

Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Patient-Focused Overview

Download this one-page overview of the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit designed for patients.

Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Education Module

The Medicare Annual Wellness visit connects patients and providers to review health records, discuss preventive health-care services, such as screenings and vaccinations, and to develop an overall care plan. View the Nebraska Health Network’s education module to better understand AWVs and how your patients can benefit from this yearly visit. The education module is approved for 0.25 CMEs from the American Medical Association.

Key Objectives of the Education Module:

  • Summarizes the value of Medicare AWVs to patients, practices and the accountable care organization
  • Compares and contrasts the differences between the preventative visits Medicare covers at no cost to patients
  • Highlights differences between AWVs and a physical exam
  • Shares strategies and workflow processes that fellow ACO providers are using to efficiently complete AWVs


What You Need to Know About Medicare Annual Wellness Visits

Download this one-page overview to share with your clinical team and patients to better understand the role of the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit including what it costs, how often the visit is conducted and what to expect during the appointment.


Patient Focused Collateral Available for Download