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General Questions About Nebraska Health Network

Who operates Nebraska Health Network?

We are governed by a 12-member board that includes physicians and chief financial officers from Nebraska Medicine and Methodist Health System. Several physicians are also members and leaders of the Nebraska Health Network Medical Management and Membership Committees. Nebraska Health Network is led by physicians based in Omaha who are very familiar with the local health care market.

What makes Nebraska Health Network different from other networks?

  • We are locally based in Omaha, so we are familiar with the health care concerns affecting Nebraskans, from individuals to employers based in the state.
  • Our organization is physician-led, meaning the physicians taking care of you and your family in the community are the same physicians determining how to evolve and transform health care.
  • We are providing physicians with the necessary tools and resources so they’re better educated on health care costs and can begin making practice changes that retain high-quality care and keep efficiency in mind.

Is Nebraska Health Network an Accountable Care Organization (ACO)?

Yes, Nebraska Health Network is what is known as an Accountable Care Organization (ACO). An ACO is a network of physicians or even health systems (like Methodist, Nebraska Medicine, and Fremont Health) that share responsibility for coordinating care to patients.

ACOs focus on the health of people under their network’s care and work to keep them healthier by putting into place preventive measures (i.e., following diabetics more closely throughout the year, making sure individuals are receiving the proper screenings at the right time, etc.) and better coordinating care.

For Health Care Consumers

How do I know if my doctor is part of Nebraska Health Network?

The Nebraska Health Network includes more than 1,500 primary care physicians and specialists in the Omaha area. If you have questions about your physician’s involvement with the Nebraska Health Network or wonder if your doctor is in our network, call one of our health care coaches at (402) 559-6464.