Clinical Workgroups

Clinical workgroups create a collaborative approach to evidence-based medicine through the development of new Clinical Practice Guidelines.

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Workgroups will tap into the most current research on medical management and create tools and resources for treating a condition, such as hypertension or acute sinusitis. These physician leaders will also communicate with their peers on changing guidelines and recommendations, while spearheading initiatives across the network that create proven methods for treating patients.

Primary Care

Mark Omar, MD—Co-chair
Ivan Abdouch, MD—Co-chair
Group Members
Dale Agner, MD
Brent Crouse, MD
Tanvir Hussain, MD
Thomas McElderry, MD
Amber Tyler, MD
Andrew Vasey, MD



Mark Mailliard, MD—Co-chair
Tyron Alli, MD—Co-chair

Group Members

Chandra Are, MD
Jason Cisler, MD
Rebecca Ehlers, MD
Alex Hewlett, MD
Grant Hutchins, MD
Michael Jones, MD
William Livingston, DO
Tim McCashland, MD
Alan Thorson, MD
Brian Ward, MD
Renee Young, MD
Sherri Lekai, RN
Sue Miller, RN
Lisa Runco, MPA


Sylvia Ziegenbein, MD—Co-chair
William Weidner, MD—Co-chair


Group Members

David Harnisch, MD
Carolee Jones, MD
Emily Lange, MD
Ann Sjulin, MD
Rick Blum
Kelli Eaton
Sue Korth
Lisa MClane




Michael Peters, MD—Co-chair
John Haas, MD—Co-chair

Group Members

Thomas Brandt, MD
Charles Olson, MD
Antonio Reyes, MD
Kathleen Harnden, RN
Meg Kinney, NP
Melissa Lederer, RN
Joan Mack, RN
Michaela Newman, MSN
Karen Tesina
Katie Triplett, NP

Pharmacy & Therapeutics

Rebecca Reily, MD—Co-chair
Scott Bomgaars, MD—Co-chair
Group Members
Ivan Abdouch MD
Matthew Egbert MD
John Haas MD
Ed Taylor MD

Care Transitions


Rebecca Wester, MD—Co-chair
John Lohrberg, MD—Co-chair

Group Members

Shannon Bradley, RN
Ruth Freed RN, PhD
Carrie Phillips, RN
Sue Rohlfs, RN
Lori Reddish, RN
Rhonda Rowley
Sue Stensland, LCSW
Jennifer Wemhoff

Palliative Care

Jacob Dahlke, MSB—Co-chair
Lou Lukas, MD—Co-chair
Group Members
Ivan Abdouch MD
Matthew Egbert MD
John Haas MD
Ed Taylor MD